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Fractional non-ablative laser therapy is a safe and effective form of skin resurfacing and collagen stimulation used to treat a number of textural skin imperfections for all skin tones.

Non-ablative lasers heat up the underlying skin tissue (dermis) without harming the surface (epidermis). The Palomar ICON 1540 laser Dr. Ray and his technicians use employs an array of hundreds of high precision microbeams to create narrow columns of tissue coagulation in the skin (both epidermis and dermis). Coagulated collagen and dead skin cells are expelled as skin is resurfaced during the body's natural healing process.

Treatment Details
Each treatment typically takes approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on the size and severity of the treatment area and the patient’s aesthetic goals. Three to five treatments are usually required. Some patients may wish to have 3 full face treatments and then have additional procedures that target only problem regions.

Recovery & Results
Results will start to be apparent after approximately 1 week and continue to improve for 6 months. For continued optimal results, skin should be maintained with proper home care as directed by Dr. Ray. Patients typically experience 2-7 days of healing time, during which sunblock and proper home care as directed by Dr. Ray are especially required. Combining this treatment with Venus Viva™ or IPL photo-rejuvenation is often recommended for optimal results.

Used to treat:
Fine lines, wrinkles, scarring (surgical, acne, injury), and stretch marks. Can be used for skin tightening, improving skin texture, and skin rejuvenation. Commonly used on the face, neck, chest, décolleté/décolletage, and body.



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