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As we age, facial volume naturally diminishes; our skull changes and we can experience hollowness in our temples, under our eyes, and in our foreheads. Our chins become more prominent and we lose jaw definition. Lines may appear on the lips, the sides of the nose, and beneath the corners of the mouth, while our facial fat pads begin to deflate.

While heredity and the natural aging process may be the primary causes of facial volume loss, certain medications may hasten this process; emotional stress and lifestyle factors may also contribute. Expertly addressing volume loss and poor skin laxity for natural, beautiful results is one of Dr. Ray’s facial rejuvenation specialties.

Affected areas:
Face, forehead, frown lines (vertical glabellar lines between brows or “angry 11s”), temples, brow, tear troughs (eye bags), crow’s feet, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, ear lobes, lips, jaw, jawline, mouth, barcode lines, nose, chin, and neck.



“Dr. Ray and his team are amazing. Clean and professional. Dr. Ray is an ARTIST. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else. How much is your face worth? He is one of the only Allergan certified injectors in the lower mainland and has been extensively trained in the anatomy of the face. He is gifted and has a keen eye for beauty, always telling the truth and never selling you on something you don’t need. I’ve never left looking like I’m done, I love it. I highly recommend Dr. Ray, even if you’ve been to someone else and you need corrections or aren’t happy. Call Dr. Ray.”

Summer S.

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