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Melasma appears as dark brown or greyish irregular patches of varying sizes, especially on the cheeks, upper lip, nose, and/or forehead.

Melasma results from the stimulation of melanocytes, which are pigment-producing cells in the skin. These can react to the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Melasma is commonly seen in pregnancy and often referred to as “pregnancy mask.” However, many men and women can also develop melasma from exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, hormonal imbalance, and genetic predisposition.

Diagnosis is critical, as skin care products are the primary treatment. Repeated facials and laser treatments can actually worsen this condition. Strategic light facials and laser treatments such as 1540, Venus Viva™, IPL, and CO2 may be a consideration only when patients are undergoing a comprehensive skin care program.

Affected areas:
Cheeks, upper lip, nose, forehead, face, and body.


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