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The MD Codes™ are a series of precise sites that were created by Dr. Maurico de Maio to guide facial injections. Guided by emotional and social attributes as described by the patient, Dr. Ray uses the codes to help a patient look less tired, saggy, sad, and/or angry or to look slimmer, younger, more attractive, or more feminine or masculine.
The MD Codes™ consist of a defined number of injection sites divided into thirteen anatomical areas. Each code is depicted with a combination of letters, numbers, colours, shapes, etc. to correlate with anatomical areas, products, and injection methods. They provide physicians a common language to use in charting and injecting patient treatment plans. The Foundation, Contour, Refinement (FCR) structure is used for the safest, most natural-looking results. As an Allergan Medical Institute Faculty Member, Dr. Ray facilitates lectures and demonstrations to help educate other physicians on the MD Codes™ and injection techniques.

Treatment Details
Comprehensive treatment plans are very personal and vary depending on facial shape, skin quality, age, and desired outcome. Dr. Ray uses the Juvéderm® products Ultra®, Ultra Plus®, Volite®, Volbella®, Volift®, Voluma® and Volux® to expertly address our patients’ emotional and social attributes for the most effective, natural results. Treatment plans may require between 3-20 syringes of product. Five syringe treatment sessions are recommended in order to provide maximum aesthetic and financial benefits. Each 3-5 syringe treatment session typically takes 40 minutes.

Recovery & Results
Results can be seen instantly and will continue to improve over time. Most patients can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment; however, some may experience minor bruising and swelling as part of the natural healing process. Results are long-lasting, but not permanent. Patients seeking to maintain optimal results with their comprehensive treatment program can expect to return for repeat treatments approximately every 6-12 months. Overall skin health should always be maintained with proper home care as directed by Dr. Ray.
Used to treat:
​Fine lines, wrinkles, scarring (surgical, acne, injury), aging, facial volume loss, forehead slipping, tear troughs (eye bags), marionette lines, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, barcode lines, sagging skin, and tired, angry or sad appearance. Can also promote a more youthful or more feminine or masculine appearance. Commonly used in the face, forehead, brow, cheeks, temples, ear lobes, lips, mouth, jaw, chin, neck, and hands.




“I have been to a ton of other places for Botox® and fillers but after meeting Dr. Ray I will never go anywhere else. My first consultation was 45 minutes. He took the time to learn both my personal and medical history, listened to my wants, and allowed me to share my insecurities. I work in the medical field and have dealt with thousands of doctors in my career. I honestly have never met a more genuine and caring doctor than Dr. Ray. He is a true artist in his work. He didn't just do what I wanted like a quick in-and-out service. We made a care plan and he made me feel like I have made a relationship that I will have forever. He even called me personally the next day to check in. Best clinic ever!”

Jennifer Y.

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