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Typically associated with a head injury, post-concussion syndrome is the persistence of concussion symptoms beyond the normal course of recovery. These symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, and problems with concentration and memory.

Symptoms can be debilitating and resistant to multiple treatment modalities; however, Botox® Therapeutic can dramatically improve headaches and allow rest and rehabilitation programs to effectively improve this condition.

Affected areas:
Head, eyes, and neck.



“I sustained a series of sport-related concussions in 2017 and as a result experienced daily headaches, which were exacerbated by cognitive activity including work and study. I began receiving Botox® Therapeutic treatments from Dr. Ray in 2018 and almost immediately saw results. Dr. Ray worked with me to find a catered treatment plan which addressed the specific symptoms I was having, allowing me to return to school, work and play with minimal negative symptoms. Dr. Ray is not only skilled and knowledgable, but compassionate and caring as well. I trust Dr. Ray with my care and happily recommend his approach to concussion treatment. Thank you!”

Taylor M.

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