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This nano-fractional radiofrequency (RF) resurfacing treatment sends multiple fractional RF currents into the skin, introducing bulk heating within the tissue and causing new, healthy tissue formation.

It is designed to resurface skin texture and target skin discolouration by improving vascularity, while allowing for uniform, safe, and comfortable treatments. The energy settings are customized per patient and allow Dr. Ray and the technician to design a treatment plan based on specific skin conditions and concerns.

Treatment Details
Each treatment typically takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area and the patient’s aesthetic goals. Three to four sessions over several months are usually recommended. The Venus Viva™ Nano Fractional Radio Frequency with patented SmartScan™ technology is used in this treatment.

Recovery & Results
Results will start to be apparent after healing and skin will continue to improve as patients’ bodies produce new collagen for up to 3-6 months after treatment. Results are long-lasting, but not permanent; patients seeking to maintain optimal results can expect to return for repeat treatments approximately every 6-12 months or as recommended, depending on extenuating factors. Patients typically experience 24-48 hours of a mild to moderate sunburn effect during recovery. Overall skin health should always be maintained with proper home care as directed by Dr. Ray.

Used to treat:
Fine and stubborn lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, scarring (surgical, acne, injury), poor skin laxity, stretch marks, rosacea, vessels, sun damage, photoaging, brown spots, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and skin discolouration. Can also be used for tightening skin and improving skin texture. Commonly used on the face, around the eyes and mouth, and on the neck, chest, and décolleté/décolletage.


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