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Enhancing Natural Beauty: How Botox and Fillers Work Together

In many cases, the most effective way to achieve a rejuvenated appearance is a comprehensive, personalized treatment using Botox and dermal fillers. This cutting-edge cosmetic approach is the key to unlocking your natural beauty potential.

Botox, known for its muscle-relaxing properties, can smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, providing a refreshed look to your forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines, and more. Meanwhile, dermal fillers work wonders in replenishing lost volume and enhancing facial contours. When expertly combined, these treatments offer a holistic transformation, addressing aging concerns across the entire face.

Because no two faces are the same, tailoring the use of Botox and fillers to your unique facial structure and desired result is vitally important to achieve a harmonious, youthful, and naturally radiant appearance that can boost your confidence and leave you looking and feeling your best.

Beyond Fine Lines: A Holistic Approach to Aesthetic Enhancement

In our experience, in their first consultation many of our patients point out something that concerns them about their appearance. They’ll point to fine lines and creases, their nasolabial folds, or the hollowness under their eyes and ask how we can address one or all of those.

Of course we’re here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. That’s why we try to educate our patients and discourage them from asking for simple “unwanted line” injections. If we only treat those specific patient requests — and it’s what the medical aesthetics community did for years — the results will not look natural. If the lips or central lines are overly filled, patients can start to look muzzled. They don’t look younger, more rested, or slimmer; they actually end up looking more full. (You probably know that look; we’ve all seen those people, and most of us think “I don’t want to look like that!”) It’s unfortunate, because it can scare people away from aesthetic treatments altogether. That’s one of the reasons a skilled, experienced injector is key.

As we mature, our skulls change; we get hollowness in our temples, under our eyes, and in our foreheads. Our chins become more prominent and we lose bone in our jaw. This means the framework of the face is essentially collapsing, having a sometimes dramatic effect on our appearance. It’s similar to the foundation of a house: if it starts to deteriorate, the rest of the house will sag or look unbalanced. In addition, the fat pads in the face start to deflate and the skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity.

The View Laser Difference: Personalized Care for Timeless Results

At View Laser Skin Rejuvenation, our team treats the face as a whole to address the loss of volume that comes with age. After a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Ray, we start with a treatment plan that first rebuilds your face’s foundation by injecting product where you’ve lost volume. We then move on to contour, and finally areas of refinement such as the lips and eyes. This gives a very natural result, because we’re filling places where patients have naturally lost volume. We’re also helping to support muscles, so the muscles can act in a more dynamic, natural way.

A woman lies back with her eyes open while gloved hands inject her cheek bone with a thin needle

Our personalized, physician-directed treatment plans ensure you get the most effective, natural results. We want you to look like the best version of yourself so it’s easier to feel your best. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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