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Rejuvenate Your Skin: The Power of CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Updated: Mar 21

Are you curious about CO2 laser resurfacing? Perhaps you have sun-damaged skin, or stubborn imperfections that seem to resist every cream, serum, and treatment you’ve tried. Dr. Ray has specialized in CO2 laser resurfacing for over 15 years. He has also trained physicians on the treatments and served as a key opinion leader for Cynosure, makers of the SmartXide CO2 laser.

CO2 laser resurfacing is the most powerful and effective laser treatment available. It’s a journey toward rejuvenation and renewed confidence. Paired with a comprehensive, physician-directed skin care routine and other treatments, this transformative procedure can unlock your skin's true potential.

Unveiling the Science: How CO2 Laser Works

CO2 laser resurfacing harnesses the power of fractional ablative technology to revitalize your skin from within. Continuous light beams penetrate the skin in a precise scanning pattern at various depths to stimulate your body's natural regenerative processes.

“Because this treatment breaks the skin barrier, it allows us to topically apply cellular regenerative products such as PRP, growth factors, and exosomes,” says Dr. Ray. “These products will signal the body’s stem cells and DNA to produce new, healthier cells. I recommend all patients embrace the power of these pre and post treatments to improve healing and recovery and ensure the safest, most effective result.”

And what is that result? A smoother, more youthful complexion that exudes radiance.

Personalized Treatment for Optimal Results

One of the most remarkable aspects of CO2 laser resurfacing is its versatility. We commonly use it to treat the face, around the eyes and mouth, and on the neck, chest, décolleté/décolletage, and hands. Whether you're seeking to repair sun-damaged skin, diminish fine lines, fade stubborn scars, or tighten sagging skin, this treatment can be tailored to address your specific concerns. Dr. Ray and our experienced team understand that every patient is unique, which is why we customize each procedure to suit your skin type, desired outcomes, and anatomical considerations.

“I think the power of the CO2 laser also has to do with the operator,” says Dr. Ray. “There are a lot of variables in treatment, including the depth and ablation, so it’s very important to be experienced. In my opinion it’s still the gold standard that I compare all other laser treatments to. Plus, when used as an integral part of a comprehensive treatment plan, we can often significantly improve the safety, comfort, result, and healing time.”

The Road to Recovery: What to Expect

Embarking on your CO2 laser resurfacing journey is an investment in your skin's future. The treatment itself typically lasts between 45 and 90 minutes, during which time you'll receive personalized care and attention to ensure your comfort, including the option to use oral medications, intravenous sedation, laughing gas, and Zimmer cooling. Most importantly, your treatment will take place in a calm, supportive environment with an experienced team. Afterward, a period of initial recovery is necessary, during which your skin may appear raw and crusted as it undergoes its transformative journey. But fear not – within weeks, you'll begin to witness the emergence of radiant, rejuvenated skin.

View Laser Skin Rejuvenation CO2 Laser patient before & after result (front view)
View Laser Skin Rejuvenation CO2 Laser patient before & after result

Results That Speak Volumes

The beauty of CO2 laser resurfacing lies in its long-lasting results. While you'll notice improvements within weeks of your treatment, the full benefits will continue to unfold over the following months. Imagine waking up each morning to a reflection that mirrors the vibrant, confident individual you truly are – that's the promise of CO2 laser resurfacing.

“When I first met with Dr. Ray and Madison, my skin was not in great shape. I had a lot of acne, along with scarring, and redness. I had a hard time going anywhere without cover up (which didn't really cover much anyway) or having my photo taken and was really frustrated and upset. I was in tears as I shared my feelings with Dr. Ray and Madison and he very compassionately told me that he was going to help me and he made a plan. After months of a program to clear up my skin, I was able to get the CO2 Laser to treat the scarring. The results were amazing, and with a skincare regime my skin has continued to improve dramatically. I feel comfortable and confident wearing no makeup most of the time. It really has made my life better because I feel comfortable in my own skin now. Dr. Ray and Madison have always made themselves available if I have questions or concerns about treatments (even after hours), which is very reassuring. I am so appreciative of the care that I receive from View Laser.”
- Sarah G.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward safe, effective skin renewal and rejuvenation that reflects your inner vitality.

View Laser Skin Rejuvenation CO2 Laser patient before & after result (side view)
View Laser Skin Rejuvenation CO2 Laser patient before & after result

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